The sound files for the following walks are available for download together with maps so they can be experienced independently. Do bear in mind that streaming can deplete the data on your smartphone, so ideally download the files via wi-fi before you start the walk. And please do make contact via email if you have any questions or would like to leave any feedback.

OpenCity Nine Elms

Photo credit: Mickey Lee for Nine Elms on the South Bank

A soundwalk commissioned by curator Rosie Hermon, part of the Winter Trails: Remapping Nine Elms festival Participants experience an accessible and immersive soundwalk through an area undergoing large-scale redevelopment. Within the augmented reality of the soundwalk opportunities are created for personal speculation on place, time and the processes of change. Download tracks at


Pentrich Rising

To mark the bicentenary of the ill-fated Pentrich revolt sound artist Andrew Brown composed three soundwalks, each a creative response to the events of June 1817. Fellow artists collaborating on the project include Leigh Toro, Agnes Williams, Benedik Williams, Alasdair Thurston-Ambrose and Harry Freestone.


OpenCity Stuttgart

This 2016 walk was composed by Andrew Brown in collaboration with Lise Olsen, Demi Hill and Emily Stollery, as part of the Spaces of Uncertainty Summer Academy that took place at the W├╝rttembergische Kunstverein in Stuttgart. It was inspired by the Stuttgart21 project, which turned the city into a vast construction site. Whilst the walk is located outside the city centre in Cannstatt, large-scale building works could be seen on the opposite riverbank, although by now these may well have be completed.
The maps and soundfiles for the walk are available to stream or download, split into five consecutive sections, to enable participants to more easily synchronise their pace with that of the recording.