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Lost Walk - Giudecca

16 – 18 June 2019 

Photo credit: Mika Elo

A collaboration with Katja Hock. Part of Bodied Languages: Moving | Feeling | Sensing, a series of corporeal, experiential encounters with language through participatory workshops and collective actions. Research Pavilion #3: Research Ecologies. In the context of the 58th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia


OpenCity Nottingham

23 May 2019

Photo credit: Tarah Dean

Gallery walk

6 March 2019

Photo credit: Volker Menke

A soundwalk at Nottingham Contemporary composed in relation to solo exhibitions from Elizabeth Price and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané


OpenCity Berlin (West)- II

20 February 2019

Photo credit: Tarah Dean

The soundwalk from 2016 revisited



The Returns project returned to Stoke-on-Trent at Airspace Gallery, including artefacts and associated stories created by groups of refugees and asylum seekers, participants in a series of workshops in Stoke and Nottingham during Summer 2018. The soundwalk OpenCity Stoke took place on the opening night as an artist-led walk and subsequently as an app.


OpenCity Nine Elms for Art Night 2018

7-8 July 6.30pm, 8.30pm, 11pm, 1am, 3am


Photo credit: Beech Buchanan

Photo credit: Anna Roche

OpenCity Nine Elms is part of the programme for Art Night, London’s largest free contemporary arts festival, transforming the city annually for one unforgettable night with a series of artist projects in extraordinary locations


OpenCity Nine Elms

16 December 2017

Photo credit: Mickey Lee for Nine Elms on the South Bank

A soundwalk commissioned by curator Rosie Hermon, part of the Winter Trails: Remapping Nine Elms festival. Participants were led together on an accessible and immersive soundwalk through the area undergoing massive redevelopment. Within the augmented reality of the soundwalk opportunities are created for personal speculation on place, time and the processes of change. The map and soundfile for the walk are available here to enable the walk to be performed independently.


OpenCity Venice

22 September 2017

Part of the No Telos residency

Pentrich Rising

To mark the bicentenary of the ill-fated Pentrich revolt sound artist Andrew Brown composed three soundwalks, each a creative response to the events of June 1817. Fellow artists collaborating on the project include Leigh Toro, Agnes Williams, Benedik Williams, Alasdair Thurston-Ambrose and Harry Freestone.


OpenCity New York

24-27 February 2017

A movie-inspired Manhattan soundwalk


Island Walk 5

25 January 2017


OpenCity Stockholm

16 December 2016

Above photos: Elizabeth Black

A soundwalk made with students from the Kungliga Konsthögskolan


OpenCity Derby

5 November 2016

An accompanied sound walk starting at QUAD, part of the UK Young Artists festival, composed by Liv Carlin-Thompson, Charlotte Marron, Alison Squires, Emily Stollery, Demi Hill, Miriam Willott and Harry Walker, all students from the Fine Art course at Nottingham Trent University. The walk took participants through and around the topographies of the city, exploring and playing with our habitual perceptions


OpenCity Berlin (West)

28 October 2016

Photo credit: Kate Brehme

A soundwalk as part of UrbanTOPIAS. Discussing the Challenges of Changing Cities.
The 4th Annual Conference of the International Graduate Research Program Berlin-New York-Toronto “The World in the City: Metropolitanism and Globalization from the 19th Century to the Present”


Oblique Cartographies, Wirksworth

9-25 September 2016

An app-based soundwalk collaboration with visual artist, Geoff Diego Litherland and photographer George Miles for the Wirksworth Festival 2016, commissioned by D-Lab, a digital art project bringing the best new media artists and artworks to a live audience.


OpenCity Stuttgart

5-15 September 2016

Photo credit: Lise Olsen

A soundwalk composed in collaboration with Lise Olsen, Demi Hill and Emily Stollery as part of the Spaces of Uncertainty Summer Academy taking place at the Württembergische Kunstverein. The map and soundfiles for the walk are available here to enable the walk to be performed independently.


OpenCity Kiel

26 February 2016

above photographs by Sarah Küper

above photographs by Hua Guo

above photograph by Oliver Störmer

A soundwalk composed with Alexei Vesselov, Maria Anders, Sarah Küper, Hua Guo, Sina Hesse, Jan Giese, Lena Döbber, Alex Westhoven, students from Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel


10 February

above photograph by Dave Ball

An exhibition 'In Return' at Sheffield Institute of Arts (SIA) Gallery, part of Returns, an ongoing project by a group of artist researchers from Sheffield Hallam University and Nottingham Trent University, exploring the legacy of post industrial landscapes and production.

Castleton walk

15 December 2015


Tunnel Vision, Nottingham

December 2015 to February 2016

A selection of images of OpenCity actions that took place in and around Nottingham, shown on digital display screens in a pedestrian walkway, Broadmarsh bus station


In Place of Architecture, Nottingham

27 November to 11 December 2015

A soundwalk of possible soundtracks, composed in response to photographs exhibited in In Place of Architecture, curated by Fiona Maclaren and Andy Lock, Bonington gallery


OpenCity Aix

20-21 November 2015

A guided soundwalk taking place through Aix-en-Provence in which sounds of the city were sampled from and re-placed in the urban landscape. Developed through a two-week workshop with student artists Lise Godard and Lee Juhyung, the walk responded to the specificities of site and to the social/cultural context of the city. Shown as part of the Mobile Audio Fest organised by research group Locus Sonus



28 September 2015

A Budapest walk transplanted to Paris







OpenCity Norrköping

16 June 2015

A soundwalk as part of “In the Flow: People, Media, Materialities” conference, Norrköping, Sweden


8 May 1941, Nottingham

18 March 2015

Photo credit: Nottingham Trent University Collection Acc 253/1/42f

Invited to perform a research talk under the Platform series within the College of Art, Design and the Built Environment at NTU, I responded with a short (10-minute) soundwalk, taking a route through the Arkwright and Newton buildings, beginning and ending in Ark110, a room rebuilt after its complete destruction during the 8 May bombing raid on Nottingham in 1941. The sound interwove recent site-recordings and sounds associated with the site’s academic history, before unleashing a loud and cacophonous explosion at its conclusion.


Returns, Nottingham

11 February - 4 March 2015


Returns is an on-going collaboration that forms part of an international research project Topographies of the Obsolete, initiated in 2012 by Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway, which focused on the disused Spode ceramics factory in Stoke-on-Trent. (

I showed a ropelight piece, comprised of a tangle of Christmas lights from the Spode site, in addition to a 20-minute soundwalk in which participants were invited to explore the Bonington gallery and its immediate vicinity. I combined recent in-situ recordings with archive and other sound, culminating in a huge explosion in the spot where a bomb fell in May 1941, effectively leaving the corner a bombsite to this day.


Ilam walk

9 December 2014

above photo by Rob Flint

Part of the NTU Fine Art Winter Lodge residency/retreat at Ilam Hall in Staffordshire, I devised a 90 minute soundwalk, inspired by Kay Dick’s novel ‘They’ and a recent reading of her work at Foredown Water Tower in Portslade ( This building houses a camera obscura, providing a curiously detached view of the surrounding landscape, which heightened the effect of her cool evocations of a dystopian version  of the South Downs.
Moving from village to city in my late teens, and recently returning to the countryside via la France profonde, I recognize that I have probably been a victim, even a proponent, of rural myth. But I gain some reassurance from the knowledge that the sublime and romantic are less interesting to me than the existential realities of rurality and the alienation engendered by both city and rural life. The countryside has long been an industrial zone, albeit with fewer fellow humans to contend with.
The Ilam walk aroused in participants a sense of threat and of a ‘haunted’ landscape, and described the strange collective that we made for passers-by.


OpenCity Budapest

4 & 5 December 2014

As part of the Spaces of Uncertainty exhibition at MKE (, I presented a 50 minute soundwalk, that started outside the Gelert Hotel, crossed the Liberty Bridge and progressed through the Central market to a nearby park. Along the route recordings captured a few days previously combined with contemporaneous ambient sound and archival recordings to give an impression of a disconcerting slippage of time.


Island Walk 4

4 November 2014


above photo by Luke Dunning

I revived the original Island walk for a group of NTU Fine Art students.


OpenCity Belgrade

27 September 2014

above photographs by Ana Vukovic

above photographs by Sara Brkic

Part of the B_Tour Festival ( I composed a soundwalk loosely based on the 1999 NATO bombing pattern, leading participants from the rendezvous at the Ušće Shopping Centre, across the Zemunski bridge past the former Yugoslav Ministry of Defence to Manjež Park. Sounds encountered along the route included a Salieri fanfare as we crossed the river and entered the ‘White City’, and a raucous pedal bar (reflecting the annoying drunken Brits that seem to have been following me around Europe for decades).


OpenCity Tilburg

10 September 2014

Taking the opportunity of being in Tilburg with students participating in the European Apprentice/Master project I devised and led a soundwalk from the Centraal Station to the MTS-terrein, a site 'adopted' by the international Wasteland Twinning Project ( In the open space of the parkland, with eyes closed, a boisterous football match seemed to be being played around us, before the scrubby grass transformed into corridors, down which lonely footsteps walked, evoking the long-since demolished asylum for the elderly, formerly on the site


OpenCity Berlin (Ost)

8 & 9 August 2014

above photo by Iliana Kalapotharakou

above photographs by Louis Niedojadlo

above photograph by Mia Niedojadlo

B_Tour festival, Berlin


Bloodspot walk, Nottingham

9 July 2014

above photos and video by Hannah Tolmie


Edge of Nottingham

9 July 2014


above video by Amy Payton

Seen from a train


Schrevenpark, Kiel

7 May 2014

A walk performed with eyes closed across the park



21 April 2014

Me and my shadow(s)



Island Walk 3

17 December 2013

Soundwalk beginning and ending at Bohunk Institute, Nottingham


Ilam Hall, Staffordshire

December 11 2013


28 October - 15 November 2013

Camera tig and slow walk as part of 'Art in Urban Context' at KHiB in Bergen, Norway


Island Walks 1 & 2

26 October 2013

above photo by Deborah Page

Soundwalks I & II included in the 'By the Way' exhibition at Bohunk Institute, Nottingham

A walk through S

28 September - 10 November 2013


A sound walk 'A walk through S'

above photo by Louis Niedojadlo

a video 'walk' entitled 'Decalcomania'


above photo by Bjarte Bjørkum

and an installation '6/11/2008'

above photo by Bjarte Bjørkum

shown at the Topographies of the Obsolete: Vociferous Void exhibition at the former Spode factory site, as part of the British Ceramics Biennial.

Performing Community

24 June 2013

A workshop in which a line was passed via eye contact between participants at the Arts in Society Conference, Budapest

The Line

May 31 to June 14 2013

Instructional images and texts, part of a group show 'Alignment' curated by Leila Al-Yousuf at Backlit Gallery, Nottingham


Trust me, I'm an artist

6 April 2013

An 80-minute walk as part of the ‘Revisiting the Art of Walking’ seminar, ACLA Annual Meeting, University of Toronto


By Wellington to Waddingore

23 March 2013

above photo by Belen Cerezo

The Broadcaster ( invited walking artists Alison Lloyd and Andrew Brown to create work for the two chapel noticeboards in the Lincolnshire villages of Waddington and Wellingore. In addition a walk took place with participants invited to assemble at either noticeboard to walk the six-mile route following the Viking Way between the two noticeboards, engaging in performative actions along the way.
Alison's website is located at:



February 13 2013

above photo by Eva Marin

A 35-minute walk for delegates at the 'Art et Géographie – Esthétiques et pratiques des savoirs spatiaux' Conference


January 24 2013

A walk performed with eyes closed across the frozen Lake Lille Lungegårdsvann


Ilam Hall, Staffordshire

December 12 2012

above photo by Jo Lee

Gedling Tunnel

11 November 2012

A return to the site of the Meat Grinder performance walk of 1997 (see below)

Kreuzberg, Berlin

November 5 2012

above photo by Deborah Page

The Green Man


Colwick Wood, Nottingham

October 6 2012

A walk to the hilltop overlooking the Trent Valley.
Review by Emma Lloyd


Paper Jam#2

May 2012

A publication curated by Charlotte Seidel and Emile Ouromov, assembled, forwarded and then printed out on the printers of partner venues in Zurich, Weimar, Paris and Bangkok. The pile of printouts, produced each time in one single copy, are made available to the visitors who remain free to simply have a look or to take a sample home – until stock lasts. The design of OpenCity’s contribution relates to the frustration derived from absurd or ‘impossible’ instructions and futile actions. Through this a critical position is generated, applicable to discourse concerning power relations in general


Thieves Wood, near Mansfield

March 24 2012

A circular performance walk of approximately 2 hours duration involving green tea, path drawings and extensive periods of walking with eyes closed



February 23 2012

A recording of the Marrakech souk transplanted to Copenhagen


Hartington, Derbyshire

December 14 2011



October 30 2011

A recording transplanted from Nottingham to Venice

Beating the Bounds III, Nottingham

October 25 & 27 2011

Phase III began on the A453 in Clifton and ended in playing fields near the A52

Beating the Bounds II

July 13 2011

'Beating the Bounds' II (Wollaton to Clifton) continued the walk around Nottingham's boundary

Beating the Bounds I

July 7/8 2011

As part of Summer Lodge 2011, 'Beating the Bounds' phase I (from Colwick Park to Wollaton) saw ten participants part-circumnavigate the city of Nottingham, performing actions along and across its boundary with adjoining boroughs


Consequences, York

May 23 2011

A set of envelopes containing instructions for actions to be performed along the city wall were left at York St John University, York Tourist Information Centre and York Art Gallery


Lost in Barnsley

April 12 2011

An attempt to get lost in Barnsley


Yorkie Wispa

January 17 2011

Instructions for performance actions in the Quad at York St John University were passed onto participants in the form of whispers, each person being asked to 'pass it on'



January 12-February 11 2011

Part of the 'Wanderlust' group exhibition in the Bonington Gallery at Nottingham Trent University

Interventions, Nottingham

January 12-February 11 2011

Part of the 'Wanderlust' exhibition at NTU, postcards containing instructions were left for people to pick up and read. Also a poster on a nearby noticeboard invited participation from passers-by

A walk in sepia, York

November 2010


Kildale Roadkill

October 2010


Camera tig in Slab Square

July 2010

Part of Summer Lodge residency at NTU

Interventions, York

May 22 2010

As part of the 'Play Me' event at Space 109, Walmgate postcards containing instructions were left for people to pick up and read. Also a poster invited participation, and fellow artists were given cards designed to intervene in their performances


Lost in Worksop

April 13 2010

An attempt to get lost in Worksop

Glitch Walk

January 18 2010

A performance walk that never quite manages to leave the studio at York St John University

York Walk

Autumn 2009

A performance walk led by ipod recording on a circuit taking in Lord Mayor's Walk, York Minster and Gillygate

Summer Lodge residency

July 2009


above photo by Jai Clarke

As part of NTU Fine Art's Summer lodge, performance actions at venues around Nottinghamshire including The Park Estate, Market Square, Rufford Park, Sherwood Pines, Trowell Services on M1

Stillness, slowness and stopping
- a walk through a city at night

May 29 2009

Part of Art Crawl, devised and performed with Katie Doubleday, an evening performance walk led by ipod recording leading a group on a circuit around Nottingham city centre

Guided walk, Nottingham

January 17 2009

above photo by Julian Hughes

Part of Radiator Festival 'Exploits in the Wireless City', devised and performed with Katie Doubleday, this performance walk was led by ipod recording on a circuit taking in Broadway Media Centre, Clumber Street, Market Square and Hockley. Sound file can be downloaded at

Simultaneous stillness

August 2008

5 minute synchronous performance near Magnac Bourg (France) & Nottingham, devised and performed with Katie Doubleday

Sightless walk, Yokohama

June 2008


An attempt to get lost in Yokohama, performed with the assistance of Emma Ota and Fiona Tan, involving being led blindfold across the city and then left in a back garden

Shibuya Crossing

June 2008

Sarah Duffy lying down on the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world

Le Deco

June 2008

above photo by Isamu Nagai

Collective stillness

Lost in downtown Tokyo

June 2008

Attempting to get lost employing diverse strategies such as following strangers, and throwing dice

Lost in Takao

June 2008

An attempt to get lost in the Western suburb of Takao

Performance lecture and workshop

June 2008

above photo by Isamu Nagai

Performed at Musashino Arts University, including slow walking and group stillness

After Denison

November 2007

above photo by an unnamed photographer, 1901

above photo by Guy Denison, 1973

A performance walk with a camera in the footsteps of photographer Guy M. Denison around Nottingham, 34 years after his book 'Nottingham Old and New' was published

Open City: Nottingham

October 2007

As part of nottdance07 Open City (Andrew Brown, Katie Doubleday & Simone Kenyon in association with Emma Cocker) were commissioned to produce:


Slow walk alongside the Council House  

Lunchtime actions

above photo by Katie Doubleday

Performance lecture, Broadway Media Centre

Postcards with critical texts and instructions for performance actions

above photo by Julian Hughes

Practitioners' workshop, Preset, Nottingham

May 2007

Based at Preset and funded by Arts Council England, an Open City arts laboratory took place devised and conducted by Andrew Brown, Katie Doubleday & Simone Kenyon, including:

above photo by Katie Doubleday

Not crossing


Dawn walk from Bestwood to Nottingham Market Square


The Burnham Walk

February 2007

A walk led by a digital recording around the seaside town of Burnham on Sea


Meat Grinder, Gedling

May 1997

above photo by Claire Collins

An ordeal of a walk led by a surly guide through the former Gedling colliery site & nearby railway tunnel


Scored walk, Nottingham

Spring 1997

A circuit from/to Victoria Studios, Nottingham Trent University via the cemetary, The Park tunnel and Derby Road


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