Andrew Brown has led and/or been involved with a number of solo and collaborative projects, including...

March 2009

'Civil unrest' (sound piece) Tether, Nottingham. Part of Traversing Territories

August 2008

Solo laptop improvisation, Treignac Project, France


June 2008

Collective sound & movement improvisation with Prof. Christophe Charles, Martin Nightingale, Alia Pathan, Risa Koisu. Le Deco, Tokyo


'Human Contact' solo laptop improvisation/slide show performance, Superdeluxe, Tokyo

Collaborative Laptop performance with Prof. Christophe Charles. Musashino Arts University, Department of Imaging & Sciences, Tokyo

May 2008

Drawing Out (interactive performance) with Amy Fisher, Bonington gallery, Nottingham Trent

Bon Gal

October 2007

'Sonicaura' (video)


'Parallel' (sound piece) with Susanne Jasilek, broadcast on Radio Taxi, Cambridge


Soundtracks for the films 'Kitchen' and 'In dissent' by Susanne Jasilek, screened at Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge

Autumn 1996

'Eyepiece' (1 to 1 performance), Victoria Studios, Nottingham Trent University

Spring 1996

Suspension of Disbelief (installation) a collaboration with Jodi Carter, Sneinton Market, Nottingham

'Under Glass' (performance) by COMM (with Claire Collins, Toni Riding, Scott Benzie, Shane Cullinan), performed at Nottingham Playhouse

April 1996

'Giant Rainsticks' (sound installation) stairwell of Victoria Studios, Nottingham Trent University

April 1995

'Pipework' (sound installation) in and around Victoria Studios, Nottingham Trent University

Autumn 1994

'Audience' (interactive performance) Powerhouse, Victoria Studios, Nottingham Trent University

Autumn 1992/Spring 1993

Sound workshops with Roland Miller at Canal Museum, Nottingham, Eastwood and Swadlincote

July 1987

'Faces in the Fire (Super-8 film) with Tim Brown

June 1986

High Rise' (Super 8 film) with Tim Brown

Autumn 1984

'Landschaft' (Super 8 film) with Tim Brown

October 1983

'Panstwo' (Super 8 film) with Tim Brown, screened May 1984 at Cinema Giovanni Film festival, Torino and LIFVA Festival, Leicester